Refresher Driving Lessons

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Refresher driving lessons are perfect for partly trained learners who haven’t driven for a while or need a boost of confidence.

Any nervousness or self doubt you have can usually be corrected with a patient instructor guiding you at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Maybe learning with a family member isn’t working out or perhaps you just aren’t satisfied with your current driving school.

Whatever the reason, you’ve already done some driving so now its time to gain some confidence and improve your skills so you can get your licence.

After all that’s why you want refresher driving lessons isn’t it? You want to learn to drive safely and confidently on your own.

Refresher driving lessons helped Priyanka from Hoppers Crossing get a new job

“Do yourself a favour and don’t look anywhere else!”

So patient and helpful. Will give honest, constructive feedback, is very punctual, and professional. I had gotten my license with him and he is so good, that when I wanted a refresher, I went straight to him. Thanks to him I could take up a job which required me to drive around… after having not driven for a couple of years.

Priyanka – Hoppers Crossing (Google Review)

Imagine the freedom of never having to wait for public transport or rely on friends to drive you everywhere.

Enjoy the benefits of driving lessons provided by Eclipse Driver Training

Get More From Your Refresher Driving Lessons

✔  Professional and courteous Aussie instructors

✔ Over 35 years local driving experience

  NO sharing lessons with other learners

  NO phone interruptions

✔  Modern training methods

✔  Fully licensed and insured

✔ Help for supervising drivers

✔  Faster progress without taking shortcuts

When you jump in our car you will immediately notice we are not like our competitors.

We know you’re not a beginner and won’t waste your first session relearning the basics or driving around for an hour to assess your skills.

All of your prior experience is a valuable stepping stone to your training with us.

By taking a few minutes revising what you can already do and what things you want to improve we can plan the fastest way to get results.

Consider it a personalised refresher driving course designed just for you.

From your very first refresher driving lesson you will be learning new techniques and fine tuning your existing skills.

Beginner driving lessons helped Alex from Werribee learn to drive

“Could not be more grateful”

He is so calm and informative and makes you feel relaxed as soon as you get in the car! It was a pleasure being taught by him and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough

Alex- Wyndham Vale (Google Review)

We provide refresher driving lessons in:


Hoppers Crossing


Wyndham Vale

Point Cook

And surrounding areas

Update Your Driving Skills And Enjoy Your Freedom

As part of our commitment to helping you improve faster we also offer advice for supervising drivers.

So if you have friends or family who can take you driving, it’s a great idea to get some extra practice with them too.

This will reinforce what you have learned in your training and the extra time on the road will help build up valuable experience more quickly.

This means fewer lessons to save you money and you will pass your test sooner.

Get in touch today to arrange an appointment with a friendly driving instructor.

Refresher driving lessons helped Jaycee from Werribee confidently pass her driving test

“Thanks a lot!”

Richard was a very good instructor. He was friendly, nice and very patient on me. After hours of training with him, he will make sure that you’ll be a good, confident and a safe driver. It was a pleasure to became your student.

Jaycee – Werribee (Google Review)