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Driving Lessons Point Cook

Learn to drive in Point Cook with Eclipse Driver Training and build your skills and confidence sooner.

Offering the highest level of customer service and proven training methods our instructors set the standard for other local driving schools in the western suburbs.

Getting your licence is a major milestone in life. Learning to drive is an exciting part of the process but sometimes it might seem a bit daunting.

Learn to drive in Point Cook

Have you just passed your learners test? Building experience? Preparing to get your licence?

Our experienced instructors know that everyone learns differently and has different goals so we have the flexibility to suit your individual needs.

With the right guidance and support you’ll be amazed how quickly your confidence increases making it easier to expand your skills.

We don’t follow a general “one-size-fits-all” program. We personalise your training to make sure you get the most out of every class.

Making faster progress is more cost effective, saving you valuable time and money while learning to drive.

Driving Instructor Services in Point Cook


Have you just got your learners permit and want to get your driving off to a flying start? Our patient instructors are ready to get you moving in the right direction. Every day we’re helping new drivers just like you to develop the basic skills that build a solid foundation for safer driving. We use a variety of training methods so you can make faster progress with lessons suited to your learning style.


Take your driving test with confidence. Our successful instructors are regularly helping experienced learners like you to take the next step. Get your licence and become safer drivers. Our proven training methods focus on the key areas of your driving that commonly cause problems on test day


Driving in a new country can be challenging. With over 30 years experience on Victorian roads we know there’s more to converting your licence than just practising drive test routes. We use proven training methods that simplify road rules, improve your skills and get you driving like a local sooner.


Have you tried learning to drive in the past but gave up before getting your licence? We know how important driving is and the freedom and independence it brings. With our support you will build on your existing skills quickly so you can take your driving to the next level.

Bridgette gained confidence from her Point Cook driving lessons

“Highly recommend this school”

I quickly got over my fear of being behind the wheel, enjoyed the lessons and passed my driving test on the first go

Bridgette – Point Cook (Google Review)

Driving Instructors Who Care

Regardless of your previous experience or confidence level we understand that everyone learns differently.

Using a variety of training methods your lessons are aimed to suit your learning style and current level of skills.

We don’t just sit back and tell you what to do. We guide and coach you helping to build good habits.

Using continuous positive feedback you will get a solid understanding of why you are doing things so you can adapt your driving to a variety of situations.

Before you know it you will be a competent driver in a wider variety of traffic conditions and looking for new challenges.

We love driving and we want you to love it too. By keeping things fun and engaging you can enjoy your training and make faster improvements.

We can even provide advice for your supervisor to help make your private practice time more productive too!

Our friendly instructors are happy to meet at your preferred location for driving lessons in Point Cook and all surrounding areas with a selection of times to suit your busy schedule.

Reflecting our commitment to your comfort and safety, our late model cars have dual controls, are clean, equipped with working air conditioning and strictly maintained to comply with manufacturers specifications.

For further peace of mind all training vehicles have fully comprehensive insurance specially designed to protect learners.

We take care of the important details so you can relax and enjoy your driving lessons.

✓ Late Model Cars

✓ Dual Controls

✓ Fully Insured

✓ Strictly Maintained

✓ Clean & Air Conditioned

✓ Working With Children & Police checks

Summer from Point Cook overcame fear of driving in Point Cook

“The best driving instructor ever!”

Not only good at teaching all the driving skills but also guiding me to have the right mindset to conquer the fear and nerves while driving

Summer – Point Cook, VIC (Google Review)

The Most Professional Service in Point Cook

We set our standards high and aim to provide the most professional driving school experience in Point Cook and Sanctuary Lakes.

There are no interruptions during your classes.

We never take phone calls in lessons or share your lesson time with another learner in the car.

All of our attention is focused on you and making sure you get the most out of your practice.

Enjoy the benefits of driving lessons provided by Eclipse Driver Training

Make Eclipse Your First Choice

✔ Over 35 years local driving experience

  NO sharing lessons with other learners

  NO phone interruptions during lessons

✔  Calm and courteous instructors

✔  Modern teaching strategies

✔  Fully licensed and insured

✔ Help for parents & supervisors

✔  Faster progress without taking shortcuts

The Best Driving School in Point Cook

We are passionate about keeping you and your loved ones alive, accident free and injury free on our roads.

Our higher standard of driver education helps develop safer drivers with skills that go well beyond the Vicroads drive test.

Give us a call or fill in our contact form. Find out why customers consider our Point Cook driving lessons are the best in Melbourne.

Driving lessons in Point Cook helped Nga get her licence

“Would definitely recommend in a heartbeat”

It was an absolute pleasure learning from him – he’s patient and understanding, his clear guidance and tremendously helpful tips helped me gain more confidence on the road. I could see my driving skills had significantly improved after each and every lesson.

Nga – Point Cook, VIC (Google Review)