Partly Trained Learners

You’ve already done some driving so why waste valuable driving lessons learning the basics again?

Maybe learning to drive with a family member isn’t working out or perhaps you just aren’t satisfied with your current driving school. Whatever the reason, you already know how to drive so its time to improve your skills and prepare for your driving test.

After all that’s why you want driving lessons isn’t it? You want to learn to drive safely so you can get your licence.

Imagine the freedom of never having to wait for public transport or rely on friends to drive you everywhere.

When you jump in our car you’ll notice we are not like other Werribee driving schools. We know you’re not a beginner driver and won’t waste your first lesson just driving around for an hour to assess your skills. We even treat your overseas driving experience as a valuable stepping stone to your training with us.

By taking a few minutes getting to know what you can already do and what things you want to improve we can plan the fastest way to get results. Consider it a personalised training course designed just for you. As soon as you start driving you will be learning new techniques and fine tuning your existing skills.

Before you know it you will be getting ready for your driving test

If you have friends or family who can supervise you, it’s a great idea to also do some driving with them. This will reinforce what you have learned in your lessons and the extra practice will help build up valuable driving experience more quickly. This means fewer lessons to save you money.

Contact us today and start living your dreams

To arrange an appointment with a friendly driving instructor near you in Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook or any surrounding suburbs call or SMS 0409 315075 or simply complete our contact form. We are looking forward to being part of your SUCCESS.