Overseas Licence Conversions

Convert Your Overseas Licence With Confidence

For many Victorians driving is often the preferred way to get around.

Converting your overseas or international driver’s licence opens up a world of opportunities.

To obtain your Victorian drivers license it is important you are properly prepared for the testing process.

Vicroads often changes their strict rules on converting overseas licences so you need to be sure you are getting the best training and advice when going through the process.

If you do not pass your drive test on the first attempt, your international licence may no longer be recognised as an authority to drive and you will be required to obtain a learners permit (and a supervising driver) to continue driving legally before your next test attempt.

Our Aussie driving instructors have been driving on Victorian roads for over 35 years and provide expert lessons for overseas drivers throughout the west including Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook and nearby suburbs.

Srikanth from Werribee converted his Indian overseas licence conversion test in Werribee

“I loved my driving experience with Eclipse Driver Training.”

His extensive knowledge about the roads in and around Hoppers Crossing and Werribee serves as an added advantage towards the actual drive test.

With the motivation, techniques and confidence given, I cleared my drive test in the first attempt

Srikianth – Werribee (Google Review)

Indian Licence conversion

Overseas Licence Conversion Experts

Whether you’ve had a lot of experience or consider yourself a beginner, you need someone you can trust to help convert your overseas driving licence.

New Victorians continually come to us seeking help to overcome the major challenges they encounter when adapting to the different road conditions in Australia. They often struggle transferring their existing skills to meet local conditions.

Using clear fluent English we make use of a variety of training methods adapted to your learning style to help overcome these challenges and ensure a fast and efficient training process.

We take pride in the feedback from our customers who regularly tell us how we deliver a superior level of professionalism and knowledge than other driving schools they have tried.

Your First Choice In Werribee

✔ Over 35 years local driving experience

✔ Patient & courteous Aussie instructors

✔  Modern teaching strategies

  NO phone interruptions

✔  Fully licensed and insured

✔  Faster progress without shortcuts

  NO sharing lessons with other learners

There are no shortcuts

Beware of budget driving schools that prey on your lack of knowledge to sell you a short cut to passing your driving test. They won’t be there to help when you are struggling with confidence in difficult traffic situations on your own.

Depending on the country your licence was issued, you may find that some of the rules and expectations of other drivers are very different to what you are used to.

This can reduce your confidence in driving leading to unexpected, illegal and even dangerous decisions that attract unintended aggression from other road users or financial penalties for breaching road rules.

Understanding how to drive safely in any situation is the best way to improve your chances of converting your overseas licence on your first attempt.

Eclipse Driver Training ensures you are well prepared not only for the licence conversion test, but also for everything you need to deal with afterwards.

We don’t take shortcuts with our training methods or our customer service. Be guided through the whole international licence process with the highest level of professionalism and the best advice to achieve success.

Point Cook driving school customer Melissa converted her overseas Philippines Licence in Werribee

“Richard is amazing!”

He will not just help you pass the test but will also boost your confidence on the road and be a safe driver. His knowledge and passion in driving helped me improve my driving skills. Can’t thank this cool guy enough. Will definitely recommend!

Melissa – Point Cook (Google Review)

Philippines Licence conversion

Before you convert your overseas licence…

Do you have a thorough understanding of Victorian road rules?

To successfully pass your driving test you will need to become familiar with Victorian road rules.

This will also help you become a safer, more courteous driver and make your driving more enjoyable.

Visit our Resources Page where you can download a copy of the “Road To Solo Driving” and “Drive Test Criteria” which cover the main rules and responsibilities you should be aware of before driving in Victoria and what to expect from the test.

There are also a variety Vicroads resources relating to road rules and safety to help you understand your obligations as a driver on our roads.

How well can you deal with a wide variety of local traffic situations?

Putting your knowledge of the road rules into practice is an important part of your test preparation.

This is best achieved by lots of driving in different traffic conditions and being exposed to a variety of situations.

Having supervised practice and guidance in the areas you have the most difficulty with is an effective way to build the skills and confidently take your assessment.

Michelle from Point Cook passed her Chinese overseas licence conversion test in Werribee

“Very professional and experienced”

I managed to learn the proper method of parallel parking and other driving skills from him. I did my license conversion and yes I passed the test! Thanks so much for your guidance and patience.

Michelle – Point Cook (Google Review)

Chinese Licence conversion

Do you understand what the Vicroads testing officer is expecting from you?

Passing the on-road test to convert your licence is not difficult with the appropriate preparation.

Most importantly you are expected to follow the road rules, drive safely and avoid disrupting the regular flow of traffic.

To be successful under the pressure of a test situation you should aim to develop your skills to a higher level than the test criteria.

This is best achieved with the assistance of a quality driving instructor that focuses of helping you develop safer driving habits.

Prepare for your overseas licence conversion with us

Contact us today to arrange an appointment in Werribee, Point Cook and surrounding suburbs. We guarantee reliable advice and expert training to help take the stress out of converting your overseas licence.

Ekky from Indonesia passed her overseas licence conversion test in Werribee

“Thank you so much for your guidance”

It was a big help to adjust my driving from Jakarta to Victoria until I passed my driving test by following your advice.

Ekky – Werribee (Google Review)

Indonesian Licence conversion