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No more relying on friends to drive you around.
No more waiting in the rain for a crowded bus.

Imagine all the cool things you can do when you get your licence.

Catch up with friends, head to the beach and even the late night trip to Maccas when you get the munchies.

Driving allows you to do so many things you’ve always dreamed of.

And YOU get to choose the music.

But driving also brings responsibility.

That’s why we don’t take shortcuts with our beginner driving lessons.

We want you to stay safe and enjoy driving just as much as we do.

You will learn to drive the right way from the very first time you get behind the wheel.

The Best Choice For Beginner Driving Lessons

✔  Fully licensed and insured

✔  Professional and courteous instructors

✔  Faster progress without taking shortcuts

✔  Modern training methods

  NO phone interruptions

  NO sharing lessons with other learners

✔ Over 30 years local driving experience

✔ Help for supervising drivers

Driving Lessons for Beginners

Many young drivers start their training with a professional instructor.

Being experienced at providing driving lessons to beginners means we don’t get stressed about everything little mistake.

The driving school car is also fitted with an extra set of pedals on the passenger side so your instructor can help if you get anything wrong.

Preparing for your first driving lessons

As you look forward to your first time in the drivers seat you’re going to be pretty excited.

You will have lots of questions and probably feel a bit nervous too.

That’s ok! Most people are anxious at first.

We know exactly how you feel. Remember we were learners once too!

From your first contact with us we’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.

It can take a bit of practice to master the basics of driving.

Don’t worry if you make a few mistakes. That’s all part of learning something new.

We don’t expect you to be perfect and are ready to help if you get it a bit wrong.

Where will I start driving?

Usually we arrange driving lessons from your home but let us know if you need to meet somewhere else.

Your first lessons will always start on some empty residential streets.

If you live in a busy area your instructor may choose to drive to a quieter place before getting you to drive.

This allows you to master the basics without the distractions and pressure from other road users.

What happens in your first driving lesson?

When you first meet your instructor you’ll find we make every effort to make you feel relaxed.

We want you to enjoy all the fun new stuff you are about to learn.

Keeping things simple allows you take on new tasks quicker.

If you don’t understand something or have questions be sure to ask.

We are eager to share our extensive experience.

At the start of your first driving lesson you will learn:

how to adjust your seat and mirrors

how to locate and operate the main controls

how to safely start the car

Don’t worry if you can’t remember everything straight away.

Your instructor will cover things as many times as you need.

Next the real fun starts!

Here you get to drive all by yourself for the first time.

You will be using the pedals to speed up and slow down and steering the car around corners.

Your instructor will be supporting you all the way.

As your skills and confidence improve we’ll introduce more challenging situations.

But remember your safety and comfort is our first priority.

We won’t put you in difficult situations that you aren’t ready for.

And at all times your instructor is there to back you up and take over if necessary.

By the end your first lesson you’ll be wanting more and more.

From your very first drive through to preparing for your test we will be there providing the support you need to achieve success.

What to bring to your first driving lesson?

All learners must have their learners permit with them when driving.

This is a condition of the permit so always carry it with you.

Your instructor will also need to get some details from your learners permit before you start.

This is to make sure they are meeting their legal and insurance obligations as a driving instructor.

If you are a young driver planning to get your licence before you turn 21 years old you will also need to bring your learners logbook.

Your instructor will record the time they have been supervising you to help build up your 120 hours.


Kristin had beginner driving lessons

Kristin - Hoppers Crossing, VIC

"Patient, understanding, professional. Highly recommended."

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