Driving Lessons in Point Cook for Learner Drivers

Before you call us ask yourself why you want to book driving lessons

Do you just want a couple of lessons covering the basics before jumping in the family car?

Is it for help passing the driving test and learning to parallel park?

If you’ve been nodding your head or answered “yes” to either of these questions keep your money in your pocket. In a moment we will tell you how can learn these things for free.

That’s right! FREE driving lessons!

But first there are some cold hard facts you need to know.

In 2016 almost 300 people were killed on Victorian roads and thousands more were hospitalised with major trauma. Statistics continually tell us that young drivers who have just passed their test are at the highest risk of death and serious injuries on our roads.

Why? Because to get a licence you don’t have to learn to drive in the most common situations that will kill you.

Sadly most people spend more money on a (disposable) smartphone than they do on learning safe driving skills that last forever.

Driving a car on busy public roads is probably the riskiest thing you will do every day. If you are serious about you and your loved ones staying alive, accident free and injury free you need properly structured training that lasts well beyond learning a few basic skills and getting a licence.

If you need to convert an overseas licence you must learn the local rules and understand how our traffic conditions are different to what you are used to. Without this knowledge you are putting yourself and others at risk.

Now ask yourself again why do you REALLY want driving lessons?

Let’s face it learning to press a couple of pedals to stop and go while turning a steering wheel isn’t rocket science. Anyone can learn it and any idiot can teach it. There are hundreds of free youtube videos that can teach you the basics of driving and how to parallel park. And if all you want to know is how to pass your driving test you can download a free copy of Vicroads Drive Test Criteria.

Our training is so good it’s better than free

We love driving and we want you to love it too. By keeping things fun and engaging you enjoy your lessons and make faster improvements.

Before you know it you will be confidently and (more importantly) safely driving in busy traffic with a better awareness than many fully licenced drivers. In the same amount of time your friends who went to other driving schools are still learning left hand turns in an empty car park.

We have developed our training so you build your skills quicker. Our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to let you aimlessly drive around achieving very little from your lessons.

Contact us today and we’ll show you how to drive properly

Fill in our contact form or give us a call. With our help you will quickly develop skills to keep you off the growing list of new drivers that are unnecessarily killed and seriously injured every year due to poor driver training.