Overseas & International Licence Conversions

Convert Your Overseas Licence With Confidence

Converting your overseas or international drivers licence opens up a world of opportunities. Enjoy the freedom of driving wherever you want without relying on friends or unpredictable trains and buses. Take a weekend trip to the coast, find youself a better job or just take the stress out of everyday travel.

Stop wasting your valuable time waiting for public transport!

Whether you've had a lot of experience or consider yourself a beginner, you need someone you can trust to help convert your overseas driving licence. All of our trainers have over 30 years driving on Melbourne roads and have a thorough knowledge of constantly changing road laws. We will guide you through the international licence process to ensure you comply with the current requirements.

Vicroads often changes their strict rules on converting overseas licences. If you plan to obtain a Victorian drivers license it is important to make sure you are properly prepared for your test. Since 2015 all international license holders who don't pass their on-road test must obtain a learners permit and obey the regulations if they wish to continue driving before their next test attempt.

Alan's overseas licence was converted to a Victorian drivers licence

Alan from Point Cook converted his overseas licence

5 Stars "Best in Melbourne" ~ Alan - Point Cook (Google Review)

Before You Convert Your Overseas Licence


Do you have a thorough understanding of Australian road rules?

How well can you deal with a wide variety of local traffic situations?

Are you familiar with the local testing area?

Do you understand what the Vicroads testing officer is expecting from you?


Our experience with overseas and international drivers licence conversions will help you with your hazard perception test practice and driving test preparation.

We understand the challenges of understanding road rules in a different country and transferring your existing skills to meet local conditions.

All of our instructors speak clear fluent English and make use of a variety of training methods to ensure an efficient learning process. We even provide assistance for supervising drivers.

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