Driving Test Practice


Feel more confident with proper driving test preparation

As an experienced provider of driving test preparation in Melbourne's western suburbs, we understand how nerve wracking getting ready for your Vicroads driving test can be. Even if you've done lots of practice locally or have an international drivers licence, you will always be unsure whether you are driving well enough to pass. Take away that doubt by getting the best preparation before you attempt your test.


    Learn the easiest way to reverse parallel park
    Stress free lane changes even in busy traffic
    How to make other road users more predictable
    Simplify road rules to help you make quicker decisions
    Improve your confidence and reduce test day nerves


Every day we are helping people like you practice for the Vicroads driving test. We accompany most of our customers on the big day so we know what to expect and what is required to pass the on-road assessment. Unfortunately there are lots of rumours when it comes to getting ready for your driving test appointment. This can lead to unnecessary extra expense or the disappointment of failure due to bad advice.

Driving test practice helped Nipun from Werribee pass on his first attempt

Nipun prepared for his driving test and passed on his first attempt

"Highly recommended for anyone seeking assistance with their driving test" ~ Nipun - Werribee (Google Review)


Improve your chance of passing on your first attempt


    Know what to expect during the Vicroads driving test
    Develop safer driving habits
    Respond better to changing traffic conditions


Complete your driving test preparation by taking the practice Hazard Perception Test


We don’t waste your valuable time covering the basics if you’re ready to get your licence.

By quickly assessing your current skills we use your strengths to help improve any areas that need more practice before your driving test. In some cases this is simply changing a few habits and exposing you to situations you may not have dealt with often enough.

Streamlined teaching methods help build on your previous experience to help prepare much more effectively than aimlessly driving round and round driving test routes.

We give you the best possible chance of passing and greatly improve your ongoing safety every time you drive if you keep using our techniques.

Vicroads driving test practice helped Kriti from Tarneit pass her driving test

Kriti prepared for her Vicroads driving test with Eclipse

"Totally recommended best in west" ~ Kriti - Tarneit (Google Review)


Are you getting ready for your Vicroads driving test?

Contact us today and take the stress out of getting your licence

Vicroads driving test practice is available in Werribee and all nearby suburbs. Call 0409 315 075 to confirm our availability for your driving test preparation at the following testing centres:

Vicroads Werribee Licence Testing Centre

205 Watton St
Werribee Victoria 3030
Hours: 8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday